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Second Empire Style Furniture History

The Second Empire Style  The Second Empire style, which lasted from 1848-1880, is also known as the Napoleon III Style. Typified by its eclectic characteristics in architecture and decorative arts, it flourished under the reign of Napoleon III (1808-1873). It left a substantial on both, Europe and the United States. This period incorporated numerous elements […]

Louis Philippe Style Furniture History

Louis Philippe Style Furniture  Louis Philippe ruled France between 1830 and 1848. This style became fashionable during his reign, eventually getting its name from the monarch.  Louis Philippe pieces remain highly sought-after and stylish items. Its characteristics reflect the 19th century French design called rococo revival. In the years following the French Revolution, former aristocrats […]

Restoration Furniture Style and Design

Restoration Furniture in France From 1814-1830, French Restoration furniture rose in popularity, replacing the previous Empire style. During this period of French history, also known as the Bourbon Restoration period, Neoclassic-inspired designs with elements of budding romanticism persisted. This 15-year span encompassed the reigns of Louis XVIII and Charles X, the fall of Napoleon, and […]

Empire Furniture Style & Design History

Empire Furniture History Napoleon’s Rule and Influence Empire furniture arose during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte over the First French Empire, which lasted from 1804 to 1814. A strong military leader and ruler, Napoleon was intensely aware of the value of the arts as tools for propaganda.  He promoted the developing Empire style as he […]

French Furniture History: The Directoire Period

French Furniture - Directoire Style Table

French Furniture History: The Directoire Style   From 1789 to 1804, French furniture took a sharp turn, condemning anything associated with the Ancien Régime. Previously predominant themes revolving around royal extravagance, noble power, and privilege were now perceived negatively. Repressed by the revolutionaries, furniture guilds were no longer able to ensure the same degree of […]

Antique & Modern Danish Furniture

Danish Furniture - Airy Living Space

The History of Danish Furniture  Denmark is the smallest country in Scandinavia, but despite its size, Danish furniture stands as the standard for Scandinavian furniture makers in Northern Europe. Thanks to the country’s numerous forests, cabinetmakers had a steady supply of natural materials, resulting in most Danish furniture to be exclusively made out of wood. […]

Gustavian Style Furniture History

Gustavian - Dining Room

Gustavian Style & 18th-Century Swedish Design Minimalist, light-filled interiors, and functional design are hallmarks of modern-day Scandinavian design. However, these qualities developed centuries ago with the Gustavian style. Like other countries, the history of Swedish furniture and design ties into the rise of Neoclassicism and French influence.  Gustavian design describes the more subdued interpretation of […]

André-Charles Boulle | Legacy, History, And Works

Boulle - A Portrait Of Boulle

André-Charles Boulle A.C. Boulle was born November 11, 1642, and died February 28th, 1732, in Paris, France. Regarded as one of France’s most prestigious cabinetmakers, his artistry took Europe by storm during the 18th and 19th centuries. As the dominating authority in marquetry (also known as inlay), it is no wonder how he earned the […]