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Styylish is a virtual marketplace for original European antiques and contemporary designer pieces. Founded in 2021 by antiques dealer and art historian Silke Berlinghof-Nielsen, Styylish specializes in curating a high quality of international antique and vintage furniture, as well as contemporary designer pieces.

Styylish has grown out of Silke’s Boston-area antiques import business into an exciting marketplace for discerning sellers from all across the world to offer their treasures to an American and international audience. Silke’s international experience is rooted in a rich family legacy of antiques dealing in Heidelberg, Germany. Together with her business partner Margot Girin, a lover of contemporary design, she heads a multi-lingual team. Styylish prides itself on providing all of its partner sellers with personalized attention – whether in English, German, French, or Polish.

The ultimate goal of Styylish is both to connect selective customers with unique pieces for their individual homes and to provide a welcoming showcase to passionate sellers. As a bridge between sellers and buyers, Styylish uses cutting-edge marketing and contextual design inspiration to revitalize the joy of antique, vintage, and designer furniture for the modern customer.

Silke Berlinghof-Nielsen- Styylish

Silke Berlinghof-Nielsen

CEO and Founder

Antique and Vintage



Margot Girin- Styylish

Margot Girin

Chief Business Development Officer

Custom Made Furniture and Modern Lights