How to Buy European Furniture: What You Need to Know

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From Baroque dressers to Biedermeier sectaires, here’s the rundown on European furniture. There’s a lot to unpack in the world of European furniture. The process of buying antique European style furniture is far more than simply buying furniture, buying art, or investing, it’s all three. Antique furniture is both decorative from an artistic standpoint and […]

The Console Table- Origins and Development

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  The console table started off as merely a decorative furniture piece. It has gone through multiple evolutions, proving its functionality and purpose over time. Back in the day, console tables used to come with matching stools, mirrors, and beautifully intricate details, making them an absolute must in palaces and aristocratic mansions. From swinging between […]

A Short History of Antique Marquetry Furniture

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A Short History of Antique Marquetry Furniture – Origins to 18th century Antique furniture, no doubt, looks very tasteful in modern homes. But antique marquetry furniture? Now, that’s a class of its own! Dense colors, exquisitely beautiful ingrained patterns, and rich wooden textures. Marquetry furniture is always something you are bound to marvel at. You […]

Antique German Furniture Makers- Abraham and David Roentgen

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Antique German Furniture Makers- Abraham and David Roentgen Throughout history, there have been hundreds of notable furniture makers. But if you talk about the history of antique German furniture, there are two most celebrated names that you just can’t miss. These are Abraham Roentgen and David Roentgen. Abraham Roentgen and his son David Roentgen were […]

Wallpapers in Modern Interior Designs

How to use Wallpapers in Modern Interior Designs Wallpapers and antique furniture have become the ultimate duo for stylizing contemporary homes. So, if you are looking to buy antiques online, we believe you might want to explore the use of wallpapers in modern interior design too. From florals and geometric to abstract, striped, patterned and […]

Interior Decorations History: Wallpapers over the years

Interior Decorations History

Interior Decorations History: How Wallpapers have been used over the years Wallpaper has gone in and out of fashion a number of times since it first came into being. Nevertheless, it plays an important role in the interior decorations history. Nowadays, it’s gaining prominence once again on the home decorating radar. In fact, wallpaper is […]

A Short History of the Antique Dining Table

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A Short History of the Antique Dining Table- With a focus on English Table Styles. Whether it seats two or twelve, an antique dining table is a great addition for every household. If you are looking for a trendy dining table online, there are many different designs to choose from. But to pick the best […]

The Origin and Evolution of Antique Desks

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The Origin and Evolution of Antique Desks As the trend of using antique furniture continues to swamp modern houses, more and more people are looking for antique desks online. But did you know that desks were a relatively obscure furniture item in the 17th century? In fact, desks didn’t populate workplace and household settings up […]

Interior Design Trends Over the Past 50 Years

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Interior Design Trends over the Past 50 Years Antique furniture is making a fast comeback in home décor. Are you keeping up with the latest in interior design trends? From everything antique to a mix and match between the old and the new, interior design has changed drastically over the years. Back in the day, […]

Buying Antiques Online- Are you Missing the Boat?

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Buying Antiques Online Are you Missing the Boat? Buying antiques online has become more and more popular in the last 2 years. Not so long ago it was only antique dealers and high-end auctioneers who were constantly on the search for antique furniture and similar old-world items. Today, buying and selling antiques is neither a […]