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Biedermeier Furniture- A Great Addition to Modern interiors

I just recently found a picture on the internet which I knew I had to share in my blog as an example of how well the integration of a classic Biedermeier secretaire en abattant and two traditional armchairs covered with a modern fabric can work in a contemporary interior.


Early Biedermeier is a very linear style which represents simplicity and elegance at the same time. 
It is often inspired by the styles and aesthetic ideals of antiquity, notably of the Roman Empire. For instance, the secretaire in this picture has a front reminiscent of a classical temple and this motif is repeated on the inside of the writing top. The straight blackened columns and trims connect beautifully to the more flowing design of the contemporary black and white fabric which looks great on the antique armchairs. The touch of yellow on the small Biedermeier table and the cushion on the contemporary chair next to the secretaire complete the design and add a fresh note.
The second picture below shows an early Biedermeier secretaire out of my own collection. It has a beautiful mahogany veneer on the outside and an exquisite interior with a love for details. What an outstanding craftsmanship! Imagine this secretaire in your contemporary interior! What a beautiful addition this could  make!

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