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Home Decorating Ideas - Empire Commode Idea

Home Decorating Ideas

When you’re in the market for a new piece of antique furniture, there are hundreds of home decorating ideas to find inspiration.

One of the best things about antiques is that they are one of a kind. Just like your home, each has the qualities that set it apart from the rest.

Small yet unique touches, such as handmade marquetry and veneer, add a lot of character to a room. That’s why antique furniture is a surefire way to improve the design in any space.

Louis XVI Commode

For all its elegance, this Louis XVI commode would make a great addition to any space without overwhelming it. 

Louis XVI CommodeThe gray marble top adds extra interest to the piece without detracting from the rest the beautiful plum and elm tree veneer

The brass handles and keyholes complement the refined, straight lines typical of Louis XVI design. 

This commode would work well as a way to tastefully store unused items. Use it in the living room to keep extra blankets, in the dining room for extra dishware or cutlery, or the bedroom for clothing.

The commode in this photo has been placed in a common area such as a foyer or sitting room. The straight, horizontal lines of the piece work well with the painting above it.

Home Decorating Ideas - Louis XVI Commode Idea

Additionally, the gilded frame makes the brass handles appear more distinctly against the dark wood.

Altogether, the overall arrangement creates a polished, sophisticated space without appearing over-the-top or ostentatious.

18th-19th Century Bureau Plat

This Louis XV bureau plat uses a combination of simplicity and opulence to create a piece as unique as it is versatile.

Home Decorating Ideas Bureau Plat Louis XV

The rosewood veneer and gilt-tooled leather surface pair well with the eye-catching brass detailing on the keyholes, curving legs, and feet.

This table can turn any vanity area into a luxurious retreat, or give a home office a stately touch.

In this photo, the bureau plat is in a bright room that balances the darker tones in the wood. 

Home Decorating Ideas - Louis XV Plat Idea

The curving lines add interest to the space the desk occupies and also compliment other pieces in the room.

This desk would easily pair with contemporary items as well as other antiques. Consider using mirrors in the space to draw more attention to the brass detailing.

Biedermeier Chair Set

This set of six Biedermeier chairs, made in the style of acclaimed Biedermeier furniture designer Josef Danhauser. 

Home Decorating Ideas - Biedermier Chair SetThe set maintains the more straightforward design elements that this timeless style is known for. But the curving chair backs are much different from the straight horizontal lines of traditional Biedermeier furniture.

Additionally, the walnut veneer and elmwood inlays give them a much lighter appearance that works well in smaller dining rooms. 

In this photo, the chairback curves add an eclectic twist to a modern kitchen. They also add a warm contrast to the straight lines associated with this design.

Any piece of antique furniture, even sets like this one, will have imperfections. But it’s the small things like a scratch or unevenly spaced nail that adds warmth and charm to an ultra-contemporary room.

Home Decorating Ideas - Biedermier Chair Set

The simplicity of this chair style would go a long way with similar design elements, but also stand out by itself. 

Hai Chair

Classic and contemporary design come together to create a midcentury feel with the Hem Peackcock Hai Chair.

Hem Peacock Hai ChairAdditionally, it offers as much comfort as it does style. This chair can stand alone as the focal point, or accompany other midcentury elements for a unique and vintage space.

Home Decorating Ideas - Hair Chair Reading Nook
Home Decorating Ideas - Hair Chair Idea











Alone, the chair and ottoman would be the perfect addition to a reading nook. Or, incorporate it with other living room seating, such as a modern straight back sofa. 

The bright hue adds more interest and enhances any color palette. Depending on the room’s paint colors, it works as either a backdrop for other accents, or on its own as a statement piece like in the room pictured.

It may seem that this chair and ottoman combination may only work with Scandanavian or retro interiors, but it can be utilized in other designs, too.

Empire Commode

This Empire commode, crafted in France in 1810, encompasses the typical Neoclassical features this design is known for. 

Empire Commode, France 1810Like the Louis XVI commode, this piece has strict lines, with an exquisite mahogany veneer grain on oak.

This item was extremely fashionable in Europe in the early 19th century, and it’s easy to see why.

The vibrant color, along with the furniture’s shape, is suggestive of a jewelry or humidifier box.

The lighter coloring on the commode’s legs, similar to Roman columns, add more depth and keep the piece from appearing too monotonous. 

However, the simplicity of the commode, like most Empire style designs, works well with many various designs. 

In addition, it could be accented with other decor containing the same straight lines, like the example for the Louis XVI commode.

The simple build of the piece, as well its balanced color, leaves a lot of room for flexibility. Even if it is the darkest piece of furniture in the room, its easy to strike a balance between the wood tones with modern touches of chrome and pops of color. 

Home Decorating Ideas - Empire Commode Idea

This piece can serve practical purposes in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else that needs a tasteful addition.

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