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The Elegance Rediscovered: A Dive into the History of Baroque Tables

Baroque Tables- Styylish

The Elegance Rediscovered: A Dive into the History of Baroque Tables and Why They Belong in Your Home The world of interior design is a canvas where history and aesthetics merge to create unique, captivating spaces. Among the myriad furniture styles that are featured in homes over the centuries, the Baroque period stands out as […]

Baroque Design: Incorporating Opulence in the Modern Home

Baroque design is unmistakable. It’s a deeply decorative design period, filled with ornate details and structural whimsy. As a period intrinsically connected to certain royal households, particularly that of King Louis XIV and Louis XV in France, it’s a truly opulent style and moment in history. In our Blog on the History of the Baroque […]

The Birth of Extravagance: The Baroque Style in Focus

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Few periods of antique styles leave as much of an imprint on the present day as Baroque style. A period of color, detail, and grandeur, the Baroque appeared in every corner of art in the 17th century: from architecture, painting, and sculpture to music and dance. At Styylish, we feature furniture in the late Baroque […]

The Styylish Buying Guide for Baroque Furniture

Interior with Baroque dresser

Interested in Baroque furniture? If not, you should be! This evocative, brusque artistic period makes a major statement in any home. Here at Styylish, we carry a range of items in the Baroque style, from dressers to tables to chests of drawers, including many German Baroque pieces, in particular. Read on for some of our […]

Baroque Period and Louis XVI Furniture Decorating ideas

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Baroque Period Home Decorating Tips The Baroque period stretched from about 1600 to 1750. Throughout the 150 years, opulence dominated and revolutionized the arts, music, fashion, architecture, and more.  King Louis XIV is considered the originator of the Baroque style due to his lavish lifestyle. Consequently, the Palace of Versaille became a testament to this, […]