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Sustainability and Antiques: Eco-Conscious Style

Sustainability and Antiques- Styylish

What brings us to discussing sustainability and antiques? In a world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly important, the choices we make in our daily lives can have a profound impact. Even when decorating, we have the power to reduce our carbon footprint. When it comes to furnishing our homes, buying antique furniture […]

Timeless Practicality: The Highboy Dresser in Any Interior

Highboy Dresser- Styylish

Your search for the perfect highboy dresser begins and ends here with Styylish. When it comes to furnishing our homes, we often seek pieces that strike a perfect balance between style and functionality. Among the myriad furniture choices available, highboy dressers have stood the test of time, offering a versatile storage solution that exudes elegance […]

The Perfect Antique Vanity for Your Morning Routine

Antique Vanity- Styylish

There is something quite luxurious about the idea of sitting down in the morning at an antique vanity. It is more important than ever to indulge in daily slowness and routine. While you can hunch over the sink swiping on a moisturizer, shaving, or applying make-up, there is so much more to enjoy about the […]

Louis XVI Chairs: A Regal Place to Sit in Any Home

Louis XVI Chairs- Styylish

There is nothing quite like cozying in a favorite chair at the end of a long day. Or at the start of a weekend, with a book and a good view. Louis XVI chairs have an elegant neoclassical aesthetic, returning to Greek and Roman designs. It is intended and constructed for Queen Marie Antoinette for […]

Lounge Chairs: The Missing Puzzle Piece in Your Home

Lounge Chairs- Styylish

A lounge chair can be the most important furniture in many living rooms. Providing comfort and aesthetic value, lounge chairs will let you embrace ease and relaxation. While shopping, consider all your furniture choices together. Get ready to enhance your room’s design and function. Imagine the zen and calm you’ll feel settling in on a […]

The Antique Mirror for Every Home: A Historical View

Mirrors of Different Size

Every great home can benefit from the addition of an antique mirror. Mirrors, generally speaking, are invaluable tools for personal and home use. Your interior design considerations should always include thoughtful mirror purchases and placement. How do you know what style of mirror you prefer? There are so many styles and historical design eras to […]

Style Your Home with Gorgeous Vintage Stools

Vintage Footstools- Styylish

As spring comes around, you might be scanning for the perfect vintage stools. They can add creative seating around your home, vary the layout of your kitchen, and add comfort. While you’re on this search, you’ll notice the quality, variety, and functionality of your available vintage choices. Before you reach for something mass-manufactured last year […]

Mahogany Furniture: Quality and History

Mahogany Furniture- Styylish

There is no doubt about it: Mahogany furniture is obviously high quality and beautiful. It is no wonder that it has maintained popularity for centuries. Designers recognize mahogany for its beautiful rich reddish-brown coloring, straight grain and incredible durability. A symbol of luxury and refinement, mahogany has been crucial to how furniture has been built […]

Interior Design Trends 2023: What’s In “Styyle”?

Interior Design Trends 2023- Styylish

What should we do to keep up with 2023 interior design trends? For starters, we must acknowledge that trends shift year to year. It is impossible to constantly chase the latest interior design trend predictions. Before you replace furniture or hire contractors, take stock in your beloved areas of the home. Become Your Own Interior […]

Antique Chess Table: Rich with History, Ready for Play

19th Century Biedermeier Marquetry Chess Table- top view with chess figurines- Styylish

Antique chess tables have an undeniable charm. Chess is just one of the many games that inspired antique game tables. These pieces are frequently finely crafted and feature remarkable details. You might have had a dedicated table for checkers and backgammon, too. But chess antiques have stood apart from other game tables for much of […]