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Biedermeier Sewing table, South German 1820


Antique Furniture and Decor

Biedermeier Side Table, Germany 1830


Antique Furniture and Decor

Antique Louis XVI Side Table, 1780-90


Designing Summer House Interiors with Unique Furniture

Summer House Interiors- Inspiration- Styylish

In these golden days of heat and light, it’s easy to imagine your dream summer house interiors. Sleek modern objects and honey-colored antiques can create the feel of an ocean or lake-front cottage in almost any room.

In today’s blog, we want to chase those dreams right through the pages of our catalog. Imagining a room in afternoon light or filled with the breeze of a late summer evening can be evocative. But actually considering furniture and design pieces that bring summer into your home is even more so.

So sit back and get inspired by the top-quality antiques and striking modern art in our collection and prepare to decorate your room with uniquely tasteful summer flair.

Modern Summer Finds

When it comes to designing a state-of-the-art summer interior with modern pieces, you’ll naturally find yourself drawn to glass objects and light colors. Anything that captures or reflects the brightness of days with the frequently organic shapes of contemporary design is fit to make an appearance in your dream summer house interiors.

Light Colored Dining Table- Bloom- Styylish
Light Dining Table “Bloom” – available now on Styylish

A striking modern piece, like the “Bloom” Table from Milla & Milli is a perfect example of that kind of design. Light and elegant, with a thin marble disk perched atop a floral pedestal, this re-imagined dining room table is the ideal centerpiece for our dream summer room.

Match it with simple chairs that let the table’s understated look shine. In the summertime, it’s best to decorate a table like this with nature’s own offerings. Don’t be afraid to place a vase of fresh flowers atop it to accent your home with a burst of color.

Playing with Color

Italian Leather Sofa- Styylish
Part of the Italian Leather Sofa set – available now on Styylish

A different burst of color is offered by this artisan-made contemporary Italian Leather Sofa Set. The golden yellow leather seems to capture the energy of the sun and almost conjures a dream of Amalfi coast lemons. If you are looking to design your interior with a feel of European chicness, this standout set is the perfect place to start.

Note, too, the dark iron frames, which toy with a retro feel. These modern seats are sure to cast a spell of nostalgia, even for those who’ve never owned anything like them before. What’s better than a unique find?

Modern Suspension Lamp- in the kitchen- Styylish
Modern Suspension Lamp- Available now on Styylish

Complete any modern summer interior with this Modern Suspension Lamp, a magical piece that captures both the energy of floating petals and the luminesce of summer rain. With a piece of clear radiance in your summer home’s entryway or high-ceiling living room, you are sure to create the perfect ambiance.

Antique Treasures for your Summer House Interiors

A set of three antique armchairs- styylish
A set of summer-gold Director-style armchairs – available now on Styylish!

But summer does not have to mean exclusively cutting-edge, understated modern design. If you love the yellow leather of the Italian sofa set, consider this set of Directoire Armchairs with luscious golden floral fabrics. These can transform any space into a summery grove. Pair them with a modern vase to let the color of these sumptuous pieces shine without feeling stuffy.

If you do decide to let a singular color, like a warm summer yellow, define your entire home, then playing with the expectations and shades of this color in different rooms is a wonderful way to create a conversation between different areas in your house. While you might not want these armchairs right next to the Italian sofa, they could create remarkable energy in distant connection from separate parts of your home.

Summer Birch Wood Dreams

One of our favorite shades of wood in antiques is the humble birch. Particularly for a home designed with the ocean in mind (like it would on lovely Cape Cod), birch wood is the perfect shade for an antique to fit into a beach aesthetic.

Art Nouveau Oakwood Sewing Table- Styylish
Art Nouveau Oakwood Sewing Table- Available now on Styylish

Take this gorgeous Art Nouveau Oakwood Sewing Table, for instance. A truly unique, subtly decadent find, its light veneer make this the ideal piece for a summer house. Can’t you already imagine it next to the glass doors overlooking the ocean? The sand-colored glow of a piece like this creates an air of summer.

Biedermeier Birch Chairs- Styylish
Biedermeier Birch Chairs- Available now on Styylish

That table is wonderfully paired with this Biedermeier Birch Chairs. A drastically different era might seem like a difficult thing to overlook in juxtaposed furniture but consider the similarities between these two pieces. Light wood carries their design and any aesthetic difference between periods creates a fascinating tension in your common space.

18th-century-Louis-XVI-Commode- France-1780-Styylish
Louis XVI Commode, France, 1780 – Available now on Styylish

In fact, you might be tempted to pair the modern table above with an antique as well – and we would encourage you to do so! Maybe pick something with a marble top, like this breathtaking Louis XVI commode to create a completely unique summer house interior! When you pair unexpected objects that share similarities across time, you are developing a taste all of your own.

Beechwood Rocking Chair- Styylish
A beechwood rocking chair – available now on Styylish

At the end of the day, what more does a summer house need than a good porch and a rocking chair? An antique find, like this Beechwood Rocking Chair, makes the experience of enjoying a summer sunset even more magical.

Summary: Summer House Interiors Start with Light

Regardless of which approach to summer house interiors speaks to you more, you have to consider the way sunlight interacts with the pieces you choose. Whether you stay very minimalist in color and opt for a largely modern interior, or you create unique vibrancy with light antiques, you’re sure to capture the sun with these picks from our collection.

The best approach, in our opinion, is to take a little bit of both. Why not pair your grandmother’s table with an antique commode and a modern vase? Is there anything more special than finding a meaningful place for your personal treasures in the midst of other truly special objects?

That’s the kind of energy we are trying to create at Styylish. With tasteful selections to leave you inspired, we’re hoping to change the way you see the possibilities of your home – regardless of season.

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