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7 Reasons Why You Should Rearrange Your Room


Now is the Best Time to Rearrange Your Room

“An impact on the environment, whether an imprint or a removal, lifts mood, provides concrete satisfaction, and instills a sense of effectiveness. Inner and outer harmony happens when pieces are placed in a way that makes sense for you.” – Carrie Barron, M.D., “Rearranging Furniture Makes Me Feel Better

You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui to understand why you should periodically rearrange your room, house, or apartment.  

According to ancient practice, your home’s energy is essential to enhance the vibrations of happiness, love, and wealth.

Like most people, you’re stuck at home due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. 

And chances are, you feel a great deal of anxiety caused by an uncertain situation. 

Whether you believe in the metaphysical aspects of Feng Shui or not, rearranging your furniture is a productive distraction that will improve your wellbeing.

So, if you don’t remember the last time you moved things except to clean underneath them, it might be time to experiment with a different layout. 

Fortunately, you can give your living spaces a fresh new appearance without having to leave the house. 

Why You Should Rearrange Your Room

1. It’s a Good Chance to Deep Clean

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When is the last time you cleaned behind your bedside tables, or under the entertainment center?

Even if you regularly vacuum or sweep, dust, and debris accumulate under furniture that’s left in place for a long time.

When you rearrange your room and get behind pieces that have sat in the same spot for years, you minimize allergens in your home

Even if you don’t rearrange your furniture, a thorough cleaning leaves you with a refreshed and welcoming space, as well as peace of mind.

2. Make Your Space Work for You

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Your floor plan plays a significant role in a room’s functionality. It might be the reason why you feel like a particular area isn’t working for you, or feels smaller than it is.

It’s essential to base the arrangement of your furniture around the flow of traffic. 

For instance, in a small apartment, moving a sofa against the wall creates the appearance of more space. 

That’s because, rather than walking around it to get to the other side of the room, you have a clearer path.

Playing around with different arrangements presents new ways of finding functionality, even the smallest spaces.

3. Make the Most of Natural Lighting

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Natural light is vital to our wellbeing: it promotes vitamin D production, regulates our circadian rhythm, and uplifts our spirits.

The amount of natural light your room receives might fluctuate with the seasons. This change might affect a space’s practicality (i.e., glare on your TV during the summer, or a dimmer breakfast nook during the winter). 

Rearranging your furniture is a great way to maximize your exposure to natural light and create brighter rooms.

Not only that, but exposure to light causes fading, especially for upholstery. Moving pieces around will protect them from damage and keep them in better shape longer. 

As a bonus, you might even cut down that electricity bill!

4. See What Needs to Go

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Naturally, the longer you live in the same place, the more belongings you accumulate. Sometimes, however, too much stuff can make your home feel cluttered and disorganized. 

Clutter is detrimental to wellbeing, especially for women. Decluttering doesn’t just free up more space; it also frees your mind.

When you rearrange your room, you have a chance to get rid of items you no longer love or even use. Consider different pieces of furniture and decide if it still sparks joy — if not, it’s time to part ways.

Doing so will make it much easier to keep your home organized. That means less time picking up after others and more time doing things you love.

Additionally, your tastes in home decor have probably changed since you first arranged your house. Look at rearranging as a chance to create a space that’s truly yours.

5. Preserve Your Floors

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Did you know that even if your heavy furniture doesn’t move, it can still leave permanent marks, even in the carpet? 

Rearrange the furniture in your room once or twice diminishes the damage stationary furniture causes.

If you’re a renter with a security deposit on the line, you’ll thank yourself for it later. 

6. Save Electrical Outlets

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Don’t abuse a single outlet by hooking most of a room’s electronics to it. 

A good sign that it’s time to rearrange your room is if you use more than one power strip. While some things can’t move too far from the plugin, other things (like the router) can.

If you’re working from home (and the rest of your family is as well), now is an excellent time to reconsider how you use your electrical outlets.

7. It’s A Chance to Make a New Focal Point

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In most homes, the TV is the focal point of the living room. You might be comfortable with this, but when you rearrange your furniture, consider making something else a focal point.


After you rearrange your room, you might have extra space to fall in love with something new.

Visit the shop and find a wide selection of one-of-a-kind antique furniture.

We update the blog every Wednesday. Look for more design tips, style history, and more!

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