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Decoding Styles: How to Identify a Louis XVI Chair

Decoding Styles: How to Identify a Louis XVI Chair Furniture styles can often seem like a puzzle, each piece telling a unique story about the era it hails from. Among the many captivating styles, Louis XVI and Louis XV stand out as prominent periods in French furniture design. In this guide, we’ll delve into the […]

The Perfect Accent: Exploring the Barrel Chair and Its Versatility

Barrel chair- Styylish

When it comes to accent chairs, Styylish is your one-stop destination. From original antique finds to cutting-edge modern designs, our catalog is full of the just-right addition to that empty corner of your living room. There may be no better style of accent chair than a barrel chair. Also known as a tub chair, this […]

All the Ways We Sit: Exploring Chair Designs Across Eras

Iconic Midcentury Armchair- view in an interior- Styylish

Incorporating antique and vintage chair designs into your interiors is an easy way to add engaging accents to your rooms. Whether you’re looking for singular pieces or a whole set, the Styylish catalog has something to suit your needs. In today’s blog post, we want to explore the development of chair designs across history to […]

Art Deco Chairs: The Refined Seating of the Jazz Age

Pair of Art Deco Club Chairs, Walnut Veneer, Southern France circa 1925

Art Deco chairs are some of the most distinguished additions you can make to a modern home. Built around comfort and elegance, they aesthetically align with the geometric focus of contemporary design. As such, the collection of Art Deco Chairs available on Styylish can bring new life and focus to any room in your house. […]

What is an Accent Chair? Exploring Our Favorite Designs

Accent chair- view of a living room- styylish

While browsing our catalogue you might stumble upon a term you’ve never heard of: accent chair. What is an Accent Chair? How is it different from a regular chair? In today’s blog post, we want to introduce you to the glorious possibilities that accent chairs can bring to your interiors. This post is a follow-up […]