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Jindrich Halabala (1903-1978)

Jindrich Halabala-Czechoslovakian designer

Jindrich Halabala (1903-1978) Jindrich Halabala was born in the Czech town of Koryčany in 1903. He became one of the most significant Czech furniture designers of the 20th century, having significant influence over the design trends of the interwar and postwar periods. Education Halabala began his education as a furniture maker in his father’s joinery […]

Glamour and Geometry: The Art Deco Table

Art Deco Table- Art Deco Interior- Styylish

Glamour and Geometry: The Art Deco Table Today we dive into the history and evolution of Art Deco Tables, a hallmark of the Art Deco furniture movement. The style was born in the tumultuous aftermath of World War I. It emerged in the 1920s as a beacon of hope and modernity. It represented a sharp […]

Timeless Designs: Art Deco vs Mid-Century Modern

Art Deco vs Mid Century Modern- Styylish

It is incredibly valuable to be able to distinguish styles from one another while admiring furniture, artwork, or architecture. Whether this affects your purchases or just personal taste, there is something you can learn about yourself just by browsing! That’s why we’re focusing on Art Deco vs Mid-Century Modern. Two fundamental 20th-century styles, that are essential […]

Natural Contrast: Dark Wood Furniture in Modern Spaces

Dark Wood Furniture- styylish

There is nothing quite as elegant as dark wood furniture. Whether it’s a valuable antique in mahogany wood, dramatic Art Deco furniture, or a contemporary designer piece, incorporating a dark wood object into your space allows you to work with contrast. Juxtaposing dark and light is one of the most exciting and elegant strategies for […]

A New Perspective: Our Take on Interior Design Trends, 2022 Edition

Design Trends 2022- Interior view of a living room- Styylish

Our mission at Styylish is finding unique ways to interpret top interior design trends to create a holistically individual design. In other words, we want the pieces you discover in our treasure trove to speak to you personally. That’s a surefire way to make your home your happy place. 2022 promises to be a year […]

Exploring the Modern Dynamics of Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco Interior Design- Styylish

The tenants of Art Deco Interior Design are easy to summarize. Favoring verticality, geometric shapes, and theatrical contrast, it’s inspired by industrial materials more than Art Nouveau. Art Deco represents a sea-change in the history of design. In today’s blog, we want to explore how the principles of Art Deco Interior Design can be explored […]

Art Deco Chairs: The Refined Seating of the Jazz Age

Pair of Art Deco Club Chairs, Walnut Veneer, Southern France circa 1925

Art Deco chairs are some of the most distinguished additions you can make to a modern home. Built around comfort and elegance, they aesthetically align with the geometric focus of contemporary design. As such, the collection of Art Deco Chairs available on Styylish can bring new life and focus to any room in your house. […]

Our Art Deco Furniture For Sale: A Buying Guide

Pair of Art Deco armchairs- styylish

Art Deco Furniture is among the most sought-after vintage items in the United States. And that’s for good reason! It captures the sensibilities of early 20th century urban splendor like no other style can. Having a piece of Art Deco in your home certainly guarantees a sense of taste and glamour. At Styylish, we love […]

The SS Art Deco: A Fictional Journey With Art Deco Artists

Art Deco A Fictional Journey With Art Deco Artist

From carpentry to glassblowing, metalsmithing to embroidery, Art Deco Artists revolutionized every artisan craft in their quest for modern design. The widely varied skillsets, backgrounds, and sensibilities of the luminaries that defined the Art Deco Movement contributed to the versatility of the period. We return to the world of Art Deco today to learn more […]

Designing the Twenties: A Closer Look at Art Deco Decoration

Art Deco Decoration- Styylish

From the luxuriant pages of The Great Gatsby to the enduring splendor of Rockefeller Plaza in New York, Art Deco Decoration has long caught the eye of tastemakers and dreamers. It carries with it a certain magic, capturing the past modernity of another century and the opulence of urban refinement. Here at Styylish, we specialize […]