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Neoclassical Splendor: The Furniture of Giuseppe Maggiolini

Giuseppe Maggiolini- Signature on dresser- Styylish

18th-century furniture frequently features lavish detail and showcases exquisite craftsmanship. The Baroque era and subsequent movements saw a new kind of refinement enter the world of furniture-making. It’s most famously represented in the French furniture of the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. But France was not the only place where Baroque furniture blossomed. Indeed, […]

Neoclassical Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

Neoclassical Furniture

The Neoclassical furniture era is an especially interesting antique period, because the classical eras of Ancient Greece and Rome directly inspired it. In this period, which came into being in the 18th century, we see a resurgence of long-lost classical motifs, the art and style of ancient Greco-Roman domains. We also know this style as […]

Gustavian Style Furniture History

Gustavian - Dining Room

Gustavian Style & 18th-Century Swedish Design Minimalist, light-filled interiors, and functional design are hallmarks of modern-day Scandinavian design. However, these qualities developed centuries ago with the Gustavian style. Like other countries, the history of Swedish furniture and design ties into the rise of Neoclassicism and French influence.  Gustavian design describes the more subdued interpretation of […]