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Julien Lachaud: Visionary Woodworker and Artist

Julien Lachaud - Styylish

Julien Lachaud: Visionary Woodworker and Artist Meet Julien Lachaud, one of the amazing artisans Styylish is representing in the US. Julien Lachaud is a French, visionary woodworker whose work transcends traditional woodworking, creating pieces that are not just functional but also works of art. Lachaud holds a Brevet de Technicien de Maîtrise diploma and has […]

Roman Modzelewski and the Iconic RM58 Chair

RM58 Soft chair- orange version in interior- Styylish

Roman Modzelewski and the Iconic RM58 Chair Roman Modzelewski (1912-1997) was an Eastern European Design Icon, known for his prowess as a painter, designer, sculptor, and teacher. His contributions to the world of art and design, particularly in furniture design, are lasting and innovative. Modselewski was born in Lozdzieje, Lithuania, and later resided in Łodz, […]

Neoclassical Splendor: The Furniture of Giuseppe Maggiolini

Giuseppe Maggiolini- Signature on dresser- Styylish

18th-century furniture frequently features lavish detail and showcases exquisite craftsmanship. The Baroque era and subsequent movements saw a new kind of refinement enter the world of furniture-making. It’s most famously represented in the French furniture of the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. But France was not the only place where Baroque furniture blossomed. Indeed, […]

The Craft of Josef Ulrich Danhauser, Furniture Visionary

Danhauser chairs- styylish

To understand the role of visionary Austrian furniture manufacturer Josef Ulrich Danhauser in the canon of interior design history is to understand how an artist can reflect the qualities of a style period while systematically upending them. A craftsman of the early Biedermeier period in Vienna, Danhauser honored the simplicity of the period. Yet he […]

Dreaming in Silver: The Life and Art of Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen-Portrait-Styylish

G eorg Jensenwas a Danish designer and silversmith. He is the founder of Danish design company Georg Jensen A/S, which has been operational since 1904. Born in 1866, Jensen contributed designs to the Art Nouveau period, which later inspired art movements like Art Deco. You can read more about Art Deco Style and its foundations in […]