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Wallpapers in Modern Interior Designs

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How to use Wallpapers in Modern Interior Designs

Wallpapers and antique furniture have become the ultimate duo for stylizing contemporary homes. So, if you are looking to buy antiques online, we believe you might want to explore the use of wallpapers in modern interior design too.

From florals and geometric to abstract, striped, patterned and more, wallpapers come in virtually all styles you can possibly imagine.

Depending on the design and color scheme, they can make your place look more sophisticated, classy, wild, or even funky.

While some styles evoke old-world charm, others can lend your room a strong futuristic appeal.

With the wide variety of designs available, picking a wallpaper for your place can no doubt seem overwhelming. To help you decide which type will best suit your space, we have listed down the major categories below.

Take a look to discover all the different ways to jazz up your interiors with different wallpaper varieties.

Striped Wallpapers in Modern Interior Designs Striped wallpaper


This is one of the oldest styles of wallpaper that is still very much popular.

Striped wallpapers are ideal for making the walls look taller and more elongated than they actually are. Thin stripes also make the walls look wider, therefore, creating an illusion of space.

Some wallpapers use stripes of contrasting sizes. These are good for apartments and smaller houses as they take one’s attention away from the real size of the room.

Most homes benefit from a light-colored and narrow striped wallpaper in walk-through areas coupled with a stronger pattern in the room it leads into.


Graphic Wallpapers in Modern Interior Designs

Graphic wallpaper generally refers to those wallcoverings that feature high-resolution digital prints. They typically contain geometric shapes and/ or abstract art.

Graphic wallpapers may or may not have a repeating pattern. However, in most cases, they do have some form of symmetry.

In addition to geometric shapes, many prints also contain some element of modern architecture. This can be, for instance, a skyline of some renowned city with high-rise buildings.

Normally, this variety is the wallpaper of choice for urban dwellers. Or any homeowner trying to create chic modern interiors for that matter.

Graphic wallpapers are also prized for their innovative touch to classic designs. For example, you may find a botanical print contemporized. Or the standard paisleys merged with geometric figures and so on.

Some designs in this category are truly unique in the sense that they change gradually along the wall. This can add a sense of movement while giving your room a design element that really pops.

Painterly/ Watercolor-Inspired Wallpaper

Painterly wallpapers usually come under the broader category of abstract wall designs.

If you wish to create a fresh and modern space with whimsical elegance, look no further than these wallpapers for you modern interior design.

As is evident by the name, painterly wallpapers feature beautiful prints suggestive of watercolor paintings. Ever since the watercolor trend started off in accessories like cushions and fabrics, these wallcoverings have become more commonplace too.

With soft shades and visible brush strokes, painterly watercolors are perfect for those who appreciate an artist’s design palette.

Their slightly ethereal vibe combined with a somewhat edgy ‘street’ style can help you create stunning interiors in no time.

Wallpaper in Interior Decorations
Source: Space, Journal for Modern Living: An energising design by artist Jen Merli.


When it comes to mural wallpapers in modern interior design, you will find them the exact opposite of standard wallcoverings with repeating patterns.

The duplication of designs is no doubt central to the attractiveness of wallpapers. But murals attest that there are so many ways to enhance a room’s visual appeal without that as well.

They throw out continuity in exchange for exclusivity.

With a mural, you can take your interiors to a world beyond the confines of your walls.

Think an invigorating scene from the Amazon rainforest. The crystal-clear blue waters of the Maldives beach. Or perhaps a window overlooking the houses in Greece. The options are many.

While most murals capture scenic views, you can also find ones that feature abstract designs.

However, it’s the scenic murals that not only expand space in a beautiful way. But also take the mood, ambience, and energy of the room to a whole new level.

Wallpers in Interior Designs
Source: Decor aid designers, wallpaper design ideas.

Tonal/ Textural Wallpapers

Tonal or textural wallpapers are perhaps the most versatile of all options available.

They are characteristic of subtle prints in rather muted hues. This includes beige, mauve, gray, pastel pink, and sky blue, to name a few.

As for the design itself, it usually comprises of well, tonal or textural prints.

Impressionistic prints of clouds in the sky are quite common. Marbleized sheets are also popular for their fanciful appeal. Another popular style in this category is low-contrast ombres.

Many a times, these types of wallpapers have a glossy finish or a touch of very fine glitter.

If you can’t decide which type of wallpaper will best suit your space, designers suggest going for a tonal faux suede in your favorite color.

You can hardly go wrong with this one.

This is because faux suede wallcoverings bring a sense of depth. However, given their dull monochromatic iterations, they don’t steal the spotlight altogether. So, your furniture and other home décor remain the center of attraction. And you get a nice backdrop to compliment it all.

Textural Wallpapers in interior designs

New Chintz

Every modern home can do more with chintz.

Chintz originally refers to a printed multicolored cotton fabric commonly used for curtains and upholstery. The print originated in India during the 16th Century.

The word itself is derived from the Hindi word ‘chhint’ which means a cloth with small and colorful flowers.

While they aren’t made of fabric per se, these wallpapers also feature flamboyant tones and intriguing florals. Just like their namesake cloth variety.

Since they are heavily nature-inspired, chintz wallpaper can really wake up a space by filling the walls with vibrant energy.

wallpaper in interior designs
Source: Architectural Digest.

Enliven Your Space

Wallpapers can be the ultimate way to add the wow-factor to a room with minimal efforts and expenditure.

This is exactly why the trend of using wallpapers in modern interior design is so hot nowadays. They allow you to reinvent your place without having to tear it down first.

However, as we mentioned earlier, homeowners who are jumping on the wallpaper bandwagon also love to add antique furniture alongside.  A single vintage furnishing such as desk or side table can add heaps of style after all.

If you want to add a touch of individuality to your home, look no further than Styylish.

We feature a range of unique antique furniture that can help you make a style statement.

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