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European Design Furniture: Milla & Milli Company in Focus

Large Walnut Coffee Table- Bloom- and medium size- Styylish

When it comes to European Design Furniture, Styylish features some of the most exciting pieces in the market today. That’s because we source our partners personally and with an eye for quality.

In today’s blog, we want to introduce you to the remarkable work of Milla & Milli. Guided by ecological consciousness and a respect and love for nature and its shapes, Milla & Milli has been taking the European design world by storm.

Come join us as we explore the history, aesthetic, and pieces of this remarkable company. Then browse the Styylish catalog for even more treasures designed with modern homes in mind.

Milla & Milli: A Conscious Craft

milla and milli - styylish
The Milla & Milli selections are at the forefront of European design furniture.

Milla & Milli is based in Croatia, where it promotes craftsmanship in harmony with Croatian wood.

For every piece bought from Milla & Milli, the company plants a tree named after you or someone you love. That reforestation effort is one small way to minimize the footprint of your new designer pieces.

Each log of wood used in the production of a Milla & Milli piece is used completely – no wood scrap is left behind. And no tree younger than 80 years is ever logged. That ecological foundation allows Milla & Milli to approach its craft and artisanship with confidence in its materials and their artistic potential.

As we delve into the unique pieces that define the Milla & Milli connection, take note of all the ways in which the natural qualities of the material are used to heighten the aesthetic of the piece. That concept represents a continuation of an age-old tradition in quality furniture making: materials of the highest quality allowed to speak for themselves yield the most artful results.

Three Showcase Concepts of European Design Furniture on Styylish

The collection of Milla & Milli pieces currently available through Styylish falls into three aesthetic families: “Bloom,” “Waves,” and “Eternel.”

We want to introduce you to all three – what sets them apart from each other and the world of contemporary European design furniture. And, of course, we want to inspire you to imagine each piece juxtaposed with antiques in your home to create a completely unique atmosphere.


The “Bloom” collection celebrates nature overtly. Layered tracts of wood, elegantly curved lines and a neutral palette create an understated floral aesthetic that magnificently integrates into any interior. There is harmony to the way the pieces in “Bloom” both embody and feature distinctly natural things. What poetry, to have beautiful wood portraying a flower.

Designer Bar Cabinet- Bloom- side view- Styylish
Designer Bar Cabinet “Bloom” – available now on Styylish.

The Designer Bar Cabinet “Bloom” embodies this ideal most overtly. As though a tulip was transfigured into a piece of furniture, this piece literally blossoms with energy. There’s no better accent piece for a wood-focused home.

Black and white marble accent individual pieces in the Bloom collection with classical elegance. But never do “Bloom” pieces feel heavy. Thanks to the upward flow of energy in these modern classics, the marble takes on the visual quality of fabric, or clouds.

Light Colored Dining Table- Bloom- Styylish
Light Dining Table “Bloom” – available now on Styylish.

Take the dreamy Light Dining Table “Bloom”. Light wood petals lift the impossibly thin marble top into an aesthetic lightness. But for the lack of color, which you can add with individual accents, the table could be some strangely beautiful flower in a garden of wonders.


The “Waves” collection is a sinuous one, full of ripples, repetition, and fluid shapes. Indeed, the wood is carved into repeating undulations, creating the sensation of a flowing river or ocean. But the associations are not purely with water. Fertile soil, calming zen gardens, and vinyl record ridges can all be found in the detailed aesthetic of the “Waves” collection.

Designer Sideboard- Waves large- Styylish
“Waves” sideboard – available now on Styylish.

Take the Designer Sideboard “Waves”. Equal parts the perfect addition to a music-lovers interior (what better object to hold a record collection), and an effortlessly elegant side piece in a farm-to-table dining room. Note, too, with what mercurial energy light cuts through the marble top. This is a piece for dreamers.

Wood and marble coffee table- Styylish
The small coffee table “Waves” – available now on Styylish.

Capture a similar but much more contained energy with the Coffee Table “Waves”. As an island of in a sea of accent chairs, for instance, this piece brings decorative liveliness in understated ways. There is a calming sensation at the heart of the “Waves” collection that allows each piece to feel like an anchor in a world of noise.


“Eternel” is a love letter to the might and power of wood and marble. A deeply Croatian aesthetic cuts through the noise in this dark, sleek series. There is strength here, but not in a purely conservative way. Though not as whimsical as “Bloom,” for example it is nevertheless full of joy. The wood seems to ripple like a paper accordion, even through the black shade of its design.

Modern large Coffee Table- Eternel- Styylish
From the “Eternel” collection: a large coffee table available now on Styylish

Milla & Milli’s Large Coffee Table “Eternel,” for instance, is ready-made for a room with lots of natural light and light furniture. It grounds the mysterious energy of its design in solid comfort. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to trust this piece with their favorite white coffee cups?

Modern Design Bookcase- Eternel- doors open- Styylish
“Eternel” Bookcase – available now on Styylish

Bring a very different starkness to your space with the Modern Bookcase “Eternel”. A remarkably modern piece that could feel at home in almost any setting, it’s both futuristic and utterly grounded. You won’t find a more unique bookcase anywhere.

Summary: The Power of Inspiration

Few things are more important to contemporary European Design furniture than nature. Guided by a continent-wide ecological mindset and an avant-garde perspective on materials, the work of Milla & Milli proves that with precision and grace.

Whether inspired by the growth of flowers, the undulation of waves or the strength of nature, all the pieces from their collection available on Styylish reconnect the rooms they are placed in with the poetry of the natural world.

For a distinctly different look at the way details impact furniture design, check out our recent post on 19thcentury furniture leg styles. Then note the way the contemporary aesthetic draws inspiration from the past. By combining antique and modern pieces and your home, you create the connections that will certainly continue inspiring the craft.

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