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Interior Design Trends 2023: What’s In “Styyle”?

Interior Design Trends 2023- Styylish

What should we do to keep up with 2023 interior design trends? For starters, we must acknowledge that trends shift year to year. It is impossible to constantly chase the latest interior design trend predictions. Before you replace furniture or hire contractors, take stock in your beloved areas of the home.

Become Your Own Interior Designer: Consider What You Already Have

Explore your home with a renewed interest in design styles. What do you like most about your space? What has worked for a long time? Which objects are your most meaningful? What do you want to be the focal point of each room? Once you’re aware of your home’s interior world, you can navigate each new era with ease.

All of this in mind, let us interrogate all the buzz around interior design trends 2023. Artists, editors, interior designers, celebrities and influencers all contribute to the conversation online. There’s no simple answer or crystal ball when it comes to what trends will stay. Many people do reach an agreement on some things, though.

A Room By Timothy Corrigan (Vogue)- Styylish
A Room by Timothy Corrigan, Simon Upton – Featured in Vogue’s Interior Design Trends 2023

Don’t Be Scared of Pops of Color

2023 is the year you have permission to take some chances with color. No need to ditch any efforts you’ve made to declutter or go minimal, just find opportunities for playfulness. Your style can still be restrained while adding intentional color.

Don’t shy away from bold color, either. When used thoughtfully, they will highlight and brighten your home spaces without becoming overwhelming. A great way to do this is with some colorful upholstery.

This Empire Settee features an elegant cherry wood frame with a updated exquisite blue velour fabric on the seat and back. This piece is a great chance to experiment with luscious color, bringing history all the way from early 18th century France.

Empire Settee - Styylish
Empire Settee, Early 19th century- Now available on Styylish

Every Decorative Element Matters: Artwork and Paint Colors

If you’re not in the market for a settee, you can find color splashed upon your walls. Create a calming effect in any room with an accent wall, or add an unexpected playfulness to a kitchen cabinet with a colorful back wall.

We are awed by this Painting by Natasa Kekanovic. This piece screams a visual confidence that is simply magnetic. Enjoy the colorful exploration of floral shapes and expression of textures in an otherwise white room, or one filled with natural materials.

Painting by Natasa Kekanovic- “Flowhertz I”- Styylish
Painting by Natasa Kekanovic- Now available on Styylish

Sustainable Design: Always A Good Idea

Architectural Digest quoted Anna Starmer, founder of the biannual forecast publication Luminary. “Throwaway items, and the heavy use of fossil-fuel and petroleum-based materials like hard and shiny virgin plastics, seem completely wrong in this age…The era of ‘bling’ is over, as we see luxury being stated in more subtle and natural ways.”

Vogue cites the same idea. “In the fight against fast furniture and the disposable, it’s never been more important to buy things that are meant to last”, says Robin Standefer, co-founder of Roman and Williams, a New York based interior design firm.

This Reclaimed Wood Armchair is a breathtaking example of honoring sustainable practices, and would be perfect in any setting. The wood used in these stunning chair is reclaimed from old Serbian cottages, some of which are more than a hundred years old. The result is a truly historic piece, an artifact combining past lived experiences with modern sensibilities.

Keeping up with home decor trends does not mean you have to sacrifice excellence. Natural elements and sustainable materials are beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and long-lasting.

Reclaimed wood- armchair- styylish
A reclaimed wood armchair – available on Styylish

Add Character to Your Home with Vintage Furniture 

Vintage purchases are a great way to buy sustainable. Consider moments when you’ve paused before buying something new because you’re concerned about creating waste. Large furniture items are not always ecologically conscious to buy new, so what should we do?

Top interior design trends always circulate, so you’ll have no trouble finding something vintage or antique that is contemporary and cozy, even if it was crafted years, decades, or centuries ago. For example, this Italian Mid-Century Armchair has been kept in pristine condition and is incredibly comfortable.

Italian Mid-Century Armchair - Styylish
Italian Mid-Century Armchair- Now available on Styylish

Jen Dallas, a California-based designer, was quoted by Insider Magazine: “A trend that will continue to grow is buying used, vintage, or antique furniture… It is an amazing way to add character to your home and so much better for the environment when we do”.

Taking Initiative: Create Your Own Decorative Elements

If you go even further, you can impress guests by being a part of the design process in your home. Get creative! Dye your own fabrics or repurpose items into something new. Involving yourself in the creative process  guarantees that the result will be unique.

Making your personal stamp on your home will never go out of style, and might actually have calming effects on your mood! The unique value of every item in your home increases once you become entrenched in your furniture design choices. This can expand beyond furniture, too. Trust yourself to make slight adjustments to the architectural details of a space, and watch as each room becomes more cohesive.

The biggest secret to providing a boost to your time spent at home? Increase your sources of natural light. Get creative with this by adding a mirror, like this art deco Wall Mirror or some glass objects with a high gloss finish to increase brightness.

Large Art Deco Wall Mirror - Styylish
Large Art Deco Wall Mirror- Styylish

Neoclassicism Makes a Return 

Vogue states that neoclassicism is making a return. Timothy Corrigan, a design thought-leader respected across the globe says that “the comeback of neoclassicism, with its focus on highly detailed and symmetrical lines, is a natural progression after the popularity of mid-century modernism. The decor blends easily with other periods and styles, and focuses on elegance and sophistication, without being a conspicuous display of wealth.”

Neoclassical Daybed- Styylish
Neoclassical Daybed- Now available on Styylish

Purchase a piece like this Neoclassical Daybed, and embrace history in your living room. The Neoclassical furniture era was directly inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome. This serves as further proof that trends will continue to build upon one another. In the 18th century, there was a resurgence of long-lost classical motifs in the style of ancient Greco-Roman art. In 2023, you can bring this Neoclassical Biedermeier Console Table into any room of the home and be a part of the latest trend, all while looking to the past.

Neoclassical Biedermeier Console Table- styylish
This sweet and delicious Neoclassical Biedermeier Console Table could be yours in 3-5 weeks!

Modern Farmhouse Style Had its Moment

Across multiple publications, it is clear that the farmhouse interior design trend is on its way out. This style was highly popular and sought after during the early pandemic days. Individuals were looking for cozy, easeful environment to make periods of isolation bearable . As we continued to burrow inside, this felt like a way to bring comfort to our everyday reality.

This does not mean that rustic, comforting pieces are no longer a smart choice. Take this Solid Walnut Antique Wardrobe, for example. It is delightfully rustic, and could be paired with more streamlined, modern accessories or artwork. Even with our most favorite styles, less is often more.

Solid Walnut Antique Wardrobe - Styylish
Soild Walnut 19th century Wardrobe- Now available on Styylish

Editing Piece By Piece: Develop Your Personal Interior Design Style

To be clear, don’t be discouraged if farmhouse style still calls to you. For interior design trends 2023, use the style’s previous popularity to evaluate how you can continue capturing that cozy feel, while developing a timeless collection.

Swap out a clunky distressed dining table for one with clean lines, and a streamlined silhouette; maybe something like this Modern Custom Made Table crafted by artists in Serbia. A one-of-a-kind piece with thoughtful details will be an investment that carries you through the rise and fall of trends to come.

Modern custom made table- styylish
Modern Custom Made Table- Now available on Styylish

Combine the curvy shapes of modern throw pillows with an unpretentious farmhouse-style Wood Centerpiece. With thoughtful modern interpretation, farmhouse elements can still take center stage.

Wood centerpiece- styylish
“Shoko” – available now on Styylish

Your Interior Design: It’s Up to You

At the end of the day, you can decide what suits your taste, lifestyle, family, and living space. Trends will rise and fall, so stick with furniture that can adapt to change. Make investments in vintage, sustainable pieces that will not only last, but will be conversation starters. is the perfect place to begin, continue, or finish your search. We sell handcrafted modern works right alongside perfectly restored antiques and vintage items. Take a look, we promise you’ll be inspired. The design world will continue debate and predict, so center yourself here. Think about interior design trends for 2023: featuring you.

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