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Interior Design Trends in 2024: In’s and Out’s

Interior Design Trends in 2024: In’s and Out’s

In 2024, interior design is blending vintage charm with contemporary flair, creating inviting and eclectic spaces. From mixing old and new furniture to incorporating the warm tones of peach, this year’s trends are about timeless elegance with a modern twist. However, fast furniture and Instagram-inspired designs are on their way out. Let’s explore the latest trends shaping interior design in 2024

In: Mixing Vintage with Contemporary Furniture

Blending old and new is a growing trend, creating comfortable and eclectic looks in a variety of homes. The key is to strike the right balance between vintage and contemporary pieces. For example, pairing a period walnut table with a modern lamp or light fixture can create a harmonious and unique look. Jane Lanyon, director at JH Designs, notes the trend of blending old with new, stating that “Antique furniture, in particular, is now being used in a wider variety of homes.”

To achieve this look, it’s important to find a balance between combining vintage pieces and modern accessories. For example, pairing a period walnut table with a modern light fixture can create a striking and balanced visual interior. 

For example, this walnut table comes from Southern Germany and stands on a circular foot, gracefully supported by a trefoil base. The top is adorned with a stunning piecrust walnut veneer, showcasing unparalleled design and an intricate veneer pattern 

Biedermeier Dining Table- Styylish
Antique Walnut Table on Styylish

Try a contemporary light fixture like this stunning wall lamp from Styylish. It features a gilded brass frame that exudes luxury and sophistication. The white opaline globes provide a soft and diffused glow, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. With its sleek design and attention to detail, this piece of lighting seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with timeless charm.

Six Sconce Wall Light - Styylish
Contemporary Light Fixture- Styylish


In: Incorporating the Color Peach

Soft, sweet, and modern, peach and apricot are dominating color trends for 2024. Pantone’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz, adds warmth and elegance to any space. This color can be paired with neutrals and naturals or offset with vibrant colors for a striking contrast. The color has emerged as a vivacious alternative to traditional pastels. It can be easily paired with neutral colors and naturals materials to create intriguing narratives. You can even try offsetting it with greens, purples, and blues for vibrant contrast!

Stylish offers this set of four Italian chairs from the 1970s. Their comfortable cushions are covered in a peach-orange velvet, and the structure is in chromed metal.

Set of Four Chairs - Styylish
Set of Four Peach Velvet Chairs- available now on Styylish.



Another peach-orange seating option on Styylish is a modern version of the groundbreaking chair designed by Roman Modzelewki. Handmade in 1958, it was one of the earliest European examples of polyester-glass laminate furniture.

RM58 matte chair- in orange- styylish
RM58 Matte Chair

In: Stripes

Stripes are making a bold statement in interior design in 2024, adding a traditional yet modern touch to spaces. Full-dip striped rooms, striped tiled showers and striped upholstery are examples of how this trend can be incorporated to create a visually striking effect. Stripes are wildly versatile because they feel traditional and yet modern. Although always classic, geometric patterns like stripes are very on trend right now because of their timelessness and simple way to elevate a space with texture.

Try incorperating stripes on your walls with art! This piece on Styylish of an Art Deco Lady showcases a stylish woman in three-quarter profile, adorned in a striking black coat that complements her striped headgear. Crafted by French contemporary artists, add striped to your wall and immediately elevate the texture of any space.

Painting of Art Deco Lady - Styylish
Striped Art Deco Painting- via Styylish


Or, add stripes with these matching lounge chairs, also available on Styylish. The chairs are from Austria, circa 1830. Crafted with exquisite cherry wood, their charming design reflects the Biedermeier era’s sophistication. They have been reupholstered with a stunning and comfortable striped boucle fabric.


Two Biedermeier Bergere Chairs - Styylish
Stripe- Upholstered Biedermeier Chairs on Styylish

In: Bamboo, Rattan, and Woven Furniture

Natural woven furniture, such as bamboo, rattan, and reed pieces, are gaining popularity for their relaxed and tranquil feel. These pieces add warmth and texture to a space, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation. Therefore, the bamboo the boho chic and disco glam smashup of the late 70’s has been increasingly popping up in homes. If soft, relaxed furniture is more your style, vintage pieces made from natural woven materials are on-trend. 

This unique mid-century Rattan Chair on Styylish is the perfect way to incorporate woven, rattan into your interior. 


Mid-Century Style Chair- 20th century-copy- styylish
Rattan Chair- Styylish

The CH24 Wishbone Chair from Carl Hansen’s Hans J Wegner is an iconic part of Scandinavian design history. With a handwoven papercord seat, the CH24 is about style, sophistication, and durability. 


CH24 Wishbone Chair Black - Styylish
CH24 Wishbone Chair on Styylish

Out: Fast Furniture

Homeowners are moving away from mass-produced furniture that quickly falls apart or looks generic. Instead, there is a growing desire to invest in pieces that are built to last and that can be considered as long-term investments. Clients want to invest in pieces they can keep forever, and there is a continued eye towards sustainability. 

Out: Instagram Design

There is a shift away from replicating designs seen on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. Rather, people are more excited to shop for unique finds and curate spaces that reflect individual style and personality. There is a movement away from flawlessness, and rather an emphasis on creating interiors that can withstand daily life and are representative of those who live there. 

Trending in 2024: Finding your Personal Interior Design Style

In embracing the trends of 2024, one overarching theme emerges: the celebration of eclectic style and the injection of personality into our living spaces. Whether through the blending of vintage and contemporary furniture, the incorporation of vibrant peach tones, or the use of natural materials like bamboo and rattan, each trend offers a unique opportunity to create a space that is truly one’s own. 

By moving away from mass-produced, generic designs and instead opting for pieces that reflect individual tastes and values, homeowners are not just following trends but making a statement about who they are and how they want to live. Thus, the trends of 2024 invite us to embrace our creativity, experiment with new ideas, and create spaces that are as unique and diverse as we are.

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