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Style Your Home with Gorgeous Vintage Stools

Vintage Footstools- Styylish

As spring comes around, you might be scanning for the perfect vintage stools. They can add creative seating around your home, vary the layout of your kitchen, and add comfort. While you’re on this search, you’ll notice the quality, variety, and functionality of your available vintage choices. Before you reach for something mass-manufactured last year […]

Mahogany Furniture: Quality and History

Mahogany Furniture- Styylish

There is no doubt about it: Mahogany furniture is obviously high quality and beautiful. It is no wonder that it has maintained popularity for centuries. Designers recognize mahogany for its beautiful rich reddish-brown coloring, straight grain and incredible durability. A symbol of luxury and refinement, mahogany has been crucial to how furniture has been built […]

Antique Chess Table: Rich with History, Ready for Play

19th Century Biedermeier Marquetry Chess Table- top view with chess figurines- Styylish

Antique chess tables have an undeniable charm. Chess is just one of the many games that inspired antique game tables. These pieces are frequently finely crafted and feature remarkable details. You might have had a dedicated table for checkers and backgammon, too. But chess antiques have stood apart from other game tables for much of […]

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Antique Sideboard

Antique Sideboard- Styylish

As far as antique furniture goes, there are few pieces as exclusively versatile as an antique sideboard buffet. Today, we are going to challenge our imaginations and travel back in time to when antique sideboards first developed. From simple medieval boards to adorned display shelving, the sideboard developed in many styles and with many functions. […]

The Performative Power of the Antique Etagere

French Etagere- top view with three shelves- Styylish

The antique etagere, like all antique furniture, rose out of its time. Combining a shelf and a side table, storage and style, an etagere is one of the most flexible objects you can bring into your space. As we delve into its history, we must first consider 18th-century France as a cultural epoch. Artistic developments […]

Groundbreaking Century: 19th Century Furniture Styles 

19th century furniture styles- Styylish

The 1800s were a period of major transformation in Europe, that saw upheavals in political systems, social organization, and the development of distinct 19th-century furniture styles and artwork. There were radical changes across rural and urban landscapes, in the lifestyles of the wealthiest elites and the most impoverished communities. Europe experienced major wars and ongoing […]

The Cylinder Desk: From Baroque to Biedermeier

Cylinder Desk- Styylish

There is perhaps no object more elegant than an antique cylinder desk. The cylinder desk is a writing desk, with a cylindrically-shaped frontispiece (or “cylinder top”) that opens to reveal a writing surface and storage area. There are a few adaptations to this desk, and the style ultimately offers both practical and aesthetic benefits. In today’s […]

Our Beloved Coffee Tables: Origins and Innovation 

Coffee tables- Styylish

The good old coffee table. Who doesn’t love coffee tables? The centerpieces of every respectable home for centuries, these low-rising objects are a site of togetherness – and history. In today’s blog, we will trace the rise of the coffee table at the hand of our Styylish catalog. Maybe you’ll find exactly the piece you’ve […]

Young Royal Taste: Exploring English Regency Furniture

English Regency Furniture- Styylish

The Power of the Prince Regent In English Regency Furniture What is English Regency furniture? It’s a term you’ve doubtlessly encountered before, perhaps even while scrolling through our catalog. In this post, we will dive into the history and typical features of the English Regency style. Along the way, you’ll learn about ways you can […]

Fit For A King: Louis XV Style Furniture & History

Louis XV Style & History Not many styles have held such influence through the centuries as that of Louis XV.   Louis XV reigned from 1715-1774. This period reinvigorated French furniture and breathed new life into the older Baroque style. This style’s feminity starkly contrasted the masculine characteristics embodied by Louis XIV furniture.  Louis XV style […]