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Julien Lachaud: Visionary Woodworker and Artist

Julien Lachaud - Styylish

Julien Lachaud: Visionary Woodworker and Artist

Meet Julien Lachaud, one of the amazing artisans Styylish is representing in the US.

Julien Lachaud is a French, visionary woodworker whose work transcends traditional woodworking, creating pieces that are not just functional but also works of art. Lachaud holds a Brevet de Technicien de Maîtrise diploma and has gleaned much experience from years at esteemed cabinet-making companies. 

After experiencing a life-changing accident, he embraced his passion for woodworking and established his workshop in southern Vendée in 2008.

Lachaud is well known for his innovative flair, and collaborates with artisans and artists to infuse his projects with harmony and vitality. His hand-drawn designs capture the essence of his vision, marked by dynamic geometric shapes and inventive materials. Lachaus’ art not only decorates spaces but also tells compelling stories.

From prestigious fashion houses to discerning private clients, his limited series and bespoke pieces are featured in international exhibitions and galleries, including Paris Design Week and métiers d’art events in France. Styylish is proud to feature several of Lachaud’s pieces today!

Lachaud’s Roots and Work Today

Julien’s passion for woodworking began at a young age, crafting wooden boats and cars on a workbench. His childhood experiences, combined with his grandfather’s legacy as a blacksmith, laid the foundation for his artistic journey, instilling in him a deep appreciation for craftsmanship.

Today, Julien’s work seamlessly blends traditional woodworking techniques with modern technologies. He uses digital controls and 3D printers to visualize his designs, often working with new materials like carbon fiber. Whether working on precise orders for architects or designers, or creating bespoke pieces for private individuals, Julien’s imagination guides his creations.

Artistic Process

Geometric shapes, particularly rectangles, circles, and triangles, are integral to Julien’s designs, showcasing his creativity. His passion for sports cars is evident in his work, where he mixes materials to create stunning results, as seen in his restoration of an old Jaguar’s interior woodwork.

Julien’s artistic process begins with understanding his customer’s wishes. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, he merges his vision with the client’s desires, creating a symbiotic relationship that fuels the creative process. While architects may provide a plan, Julien enhances the technique and design, adding his unique touch to each piece. This collaborative approach ensures that each creation is not just a piece of furniture but a work of art that resonates with both the artist and the client.

In Collaboration: Monde Opposés

His collaborations with artisans and artists, such as street art artist Bins, add depth to his creations, enriching the final outcome. This piece he created in collaboration with Bins called “Monde Opposés” is a functional cabinet and console, while also being a true design masterpiece and work of art.

Monde Opposés
View from the back and side


Surrealist Stone Coffee table

Experience the captivating allure of Julien Lachaud’s surrealistic slate stone coffee table on Styylish. It was designed to evoke the natural beauty of a rock being cut by an axe, revealing intricate rings. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this limited edition piece features real slate stone veneer expertly plated alongside Laos white ebony veneer, creating a unique and mesmerizing design. The fragmented spaces within the table further enhance the illusion of a cut rock, stimulating the imagination. Imbue your living space with the enchanting magic of our slate stone coffee table, where nature meets exquisite craftsmanship.


Slate Stone coffee table- Styylish
Lachaud’s Slate Stone Coffee Table- Available on Styylish



Contemporary Desk: Contraste

“Contraste” is Julien Lachaud’s contemporary desk, which adds sophistication and style to your workspace. Limited to only 8 editions, this desk features a striking interplay of black and white tones and contrasting lines. While still functional, it showcases sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. The desk’s high-quality wooden panels are expertly worked through bending and mass rounding techniques, then lacquered with an automotive finish for durability and a polished appearance. Elevate your workspace with the timeless design of “Contraste,” where form meets function in perfect harmony.

Desk by Julien Lachaud- Styylish
Desk by Julien Lachaud- Available on Styylish


Challenges and Chef D’œuvre

One of Julien’s most challenging projects was creating a hammer for an auctioneer, which required intricate woodworking and engraving techniques. However, his proudest achievement remains a monumental bookcase he crafted for a private residence, showcasing his dedication and skill.


Julien’s masterful bookcase in a private residence
Details and impeccable craftsmanship


On The Horizon for Julien Lachaud

Looking forward, Julien is excited about a new technique he is developing: the transparency of tint in wood. This is inspired by the vibrant colors of electric guitars. This technique allows for stunning variations in shades of blue, as seen in his current work, “Nuances.”


The Nuances sideboard will be available very soon.

In conclusion, Julien Lachaud’s creations are not just furniture. They are living, breathing pieces of art that connect with clients on a personal level. His ability to blend tradition with innovation makes him a creative force in the world of woodworking, continually pushing the boundaries of his craft.

Styylish is representing Julien Lachaud in the US and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.


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