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Beauty on the Moors: Exploring the Worpswede Artist Colony


The Worpswede Artist Colony in the German state of Lower Saxony has been a breeding ground for creative pursuits for over a century. Its presence has had a profound effect on craftsmanship in the region. In today’s blog, we will explore the history of the colony and how it impacted the furniture craft in Lower […]

Louis XVI Furniture Styles: Styylish Spotlight

Antique Furniture and Contemporary Furniture- styylish

Louis XVI furniture styles are some of our favorite pieces here at Styylish. In this guide, you’ll find everything from history to design tips, along with a buying guide of selected pieces. The History of Louis XVI Furniture The Louis XVI period began circa 1750, slightly prior to the reign of King Louis XVI (“Louis […]

Louis XV Furniture Styles: Styylish Spotlight

Louis XV furniture styles- styylish

The Louis XV period tracked the reign of French monarch Louis XV (1715-1774), following the reign of Louis XIV and the formal, boxlike, larger furniture of the eponymous Louis XIV style.  We define the Louis XV furniture period, on the other hand, by its elegance and fluidity. The period breathed new life into the older […]

Antique German Furniture Makers- Abraham and David Roentgen

Antique German Furniture Makers- Abraham Roentgen- styylish

Antique German Furniture Makers- Abraham and David Roentgen Throughout history, there have been hundreds of notable furniture makers. But if you talk about the history of antique German furniture, there are two most celebrated names that you just can’t miss. These are Abraham Roentgen and David Roentgen. Abraham Roentgen and his son David Roentgen were […]

A Short History of the Antique Dining Table

Antique Dining Table- styylish

A Short History of the Antique Dining Table– With a focus on English Table Styles. Whether it seats two or twelve, an antique dining table is a great addition for every household. If you are looking for a trendy dining table online, there are many different designs to choose from. But to pick the best […]

The Origin and Evolution of Antique Desks

Antique desks-styylish

The Origin and Evolution of Antique Desks As the trend of using antique furniture continues to swamp modern houses, more and more people are looking for antique desks online. But did you know that desks were a relatively obscure furniture item in the 17th century? In fact, desks didn’t populate workplace and household settings up […]

11 Most Influentual Midcentury Furniture Designers

Midcentury Furniture- Styylish

Midcentury Furniture Design Icons The midcentury home is nothing without its iconic pieces—and the iconic men and women who crafted them. Many midcentury furniture designers were multi-disciplinary and trained as architects or sculptors. Because of this, their holistic approach to design yielded stunning results that continue to beautify homes and inspire today. Now, discover new […]

French Ormolu

French ormolu-mantel-clock- styylish

Everything About French Ormolu Whether you are a die-hard antique dealer or someone who just appreciates one-of-a-kind antique furniture, you know about French ormolu. From the time it first emerged in France, ormolu became the foundation of decorative arts across Europe throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Ormolu is known as gilt bronze in English […]

Biedermeier Style Furniture For Sale- History and Characteristics

Biedermeier Dining set

The Biedermeier Style is one of the most thoroughly represented style periods in the Styylish catalog. That’s not only because it’s one of our favorite styles of furniture, but because it’s perfectly suited to the mission of Styylish: integrating unique (frequently antique) pieces into contemporary homes. Biedermeier is so well suited to that objective because […]