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Biedermeier Style Furniture: How Do You Identify It?

Biedermeier style- styylish

So you’re wondering how to identify Biedermeier style furniture? The Biedermeier period makes for an excellent first step into antique furniture, due the refined, clean lines and informal style. These all accommodate modern style well. There is simply something distinctly modern about Biedermeier furniture, despite the fact that it’s nearly 200 years old! This, coupled […]

Biedermeier Style Furniture History and Characteristics

Biedermeier Dining set

Biedermeier Style Furniture The Biedermeier style developed as stylistic tastes shifted from Neoclassic to Romantic art.  Subdued elegance and charming grace that connect elements of the Empire and Directoire periods characterize this style. The history of Biedermeier furniture is also the beginning of interior design for the ordinary home. And although it’s been centuries since […]