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A Deep Dive into the Timeless Allure of Scandinavian Mid-Century Design

Scandinavian Mid-Century Design- Styylish

A Deep Dive into the Timeless Allure of Scandinavian Mid-Century Design Embarking on a journey through the world of interior design, one is bound to encounter the enduring charm and timeless sophistication of Scandinavian Mid-Century Design, or Mid-Century Modern style. Born in the post-World War II era, this movement has etched its mark on the […]

Roman Modzelewski and the Iconic RM58 Chair

RM58 Soft chair- orange version in interior- Styylish

Roman Modzelewski and the Iconic RM58 Chair Roman Modzelewski (1912-1997) was an Eastern European Design Icon, known for his prowess as a painter, designer, sculptor, and teacher. His contributions to the world of art and design, particularly in furniture design, are lasting and innovative. Modselewski was born in Lozdzieje, Lithuania, and later resided in Łodz, […]

Shaping Spaces: The Most Iconic 20th Century Furniture Styles

20th century furniture styles- Styylish

Shaping Spaces: An Exploration Into the Most Iconic 20th Century Furniture Styles The 20th century was a crucible of artistic exploration, technological advancement, and the shifting of societal values. This transformative period witnessed the emergence and evolution of several iconic furniture styles, each leaving an undeniable mark on design history. While we aren’t diving into […]

Timeless Designs: Art Deco vs Mid-Century Modern

Art Deco vs Mid Century Modern- Styylish

It is incredibly valuable to be able to distinguish styles from one another while admiring furniture, artwork, or architecture. Whether this affects your purchases or just personal taste, there is something you can learn about yourself just by browsing! That’s why we’re focusing on Art Deco vs Mid-Century Modern. Two fundamental 20th-century styles, that are essential […]

Jindrich Halabala (1903-1978)

Jindrich Halabala-Czechoslovakian designer

Jindrich Halabala (1903-1978) Jindrich Halabala was born in the Czech town of Koryčany in 1903. He became one of the most significant Czech furniture designers of the 20th century, having significant influence over the design trends of the interwar and postwar periods. Education Halabala began his education as a furniture maker in his father’s joinery […]