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Antique Furniture and Decor

Extendable Swiss Farm Table, 18th century


Antique Furniture and Decor

18th Century Swiss Farm Table, extendable


A Winter Hideaway: Working with Rustic Cabin Decor

There’s nothing like rustic cabin decor to get you in the mood for a cozy winter. Whether you’re looking to furnish a log home or transform a winter garden or attic into a ski-lodge-inspired space, start with original antiques for guaranteed quality and flair.

In today’s blog, we want to inspire you to combine antique and vintage furnishings from the Styylish catalog to create your very own rustic cabin decor. From tables and chairs to armoires and contemporary designer pieces, you might be surprised at how varied and rich a rustic theme can be. Indeed, these pieces are more than just budget finds at a superstore’s cabin decor section – they are real treasures, waiting to be found.

For more room-by-room design guides, check out our blog posts on home office decorideas for your bedroom, and festive dining room design. You’ll certainly leave inspired. In the world of antique and vintage treasures, there are limitless opportunities for original design concepts.

Getting Started with Rustic Cabin Decor

The first thing to consider is when working with rustic cabin decor is how much space you have to work with. Small spaces have the advantage of inherently contributing to the atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Larger spaces can hold a greater variety of objects.

In some cases, similar products can provide an optimized experience based on the size of your space. That’s the case with our table, for instance.

The Table

18th century Farm Table- styylish
An Extendable Farm Table – available now on Styylish

For our imaginary cabin, we’ve selected this Extendable 18th Century Farm Table as the main room’s centerpiece. As an original from the 1700s, this Swiss table is not just beautifully rustic – it’s also a rare piece of real Alpine lodge culture.

Swiss Farm Table- Styylish
A Swiss Farm Table – available now on Styylish

Alternatively, if you have limited space, this Swiss Farm Table is a very similar product without an extendable feature. Both tables feature key elements of rustic cabin decor: a decisive wood focus and a sensibility of hand-crafted design.

The star of these tables might just be the feet. Such detailed undercroft is rare to find in truly rustic pieces. Rather than just functional, the legs and connecting bars speak to love for craftsmanship and woodworking.

Rustic Chairs

Rustic chairs- styylish
A set of six rustic Worpswede chairs – available now on Styylish

Few chairs are better suited to our creative rustic cabin decor than these Rustic Worpswede Chairs. Originating far away from the Alps – in the moors of Northern Germany, these rustic pieces have a very different cultural origin.

A product of late 19th-century craftsmanship, these chairs embody a rejection of the industrializing urban world. Unlike traditional Alpine chairs, they feature wicker seats, complexifying the rustic simplicity of our cabin.

Thankfully, the focus of Worpswede artisans was to return to the crafting roots of furniture making. Though constructed a century later, the chairs certainly suit our 1760 Alpine farm table, perhaps for the very reason that they sought to emulate its style.

For more information on the fascinating Worpswede Artist Colony, be sure to read up on our blog.

The Armoire

Baroque Armoire walnut- styylish
A Baroque Armoire – available now on Styylish

It wouldn’t be a cabin if there wasn’t storage for our favorite board games or winter sweaters. There’s no better piece to combine with the rustic aesthetic than this Baroque Armoire. Though a product of the Baroque period, the lavish decor associated with that name is reflected only in the woodworking, not in gold-plated extravagance.

That makes this armoire a perfect companion for the lovely woodwork on display on the Farm table. The coloration of walnut wood has a deeply rustic aura. It’s the perfect family heirloom to build your rustic cabin decor around.

Other Furnishings

Two provincial nightstands- oak carved- styylish
A pair of provincial French nightstands – available now on Styylish

These French Provincial Nightstands offer the kind of detailed asymmetry that only hand-crafted products can display confidently. Though they are different pieces, these two really shine in combination, lending an element of whimsy and found artistry to your cabin bedroom.

Don’t be intimidated by intentionally overlooking differences – that’s what rustic cabin decor is all about. Individuality is significantly more important than symmetry. Let yourself journey back to a time when you would’ve built your own nightstands.

Rustic Decor

Pine Wood vase- selection- styylish
Designer Vase- Grassland- available on Styylish

The real fun begins with the enticing decorations you can combine with all of your selected furniture. The contemporary Designer Vase “Grassland” is inspired by vintage milk barrels. Let the whimsy of that design choice inspire the homey comfort of your cabin.

And rest assured that it’s not just a stunt object – after all, this vase was made by renowned contemporary Japanese artisans. It will elevate your cabin with undeniable elegance.

Hermann Baisch- styylish
“Farmers Taking a Rest,” By Hermann Baisch

Add a splash of color to your rustic set-up with an original painting, like “Farmers Taking A Rest,” by Hermann Baisch. A piece of realist Naturalism, it’s a classic piece of 19th-century German painting, already dabbling in Impressionist forms while remaining tied to a love for nature and country.

Baisch’s work captures the atmosphere that rustic cabin decor seeks to evoke. Nature and Work are loveable in his work – simplicity is desirable. And yet, his brushstrokes seem to foresee a pending revolution in the visual arts.

Already moved by the changing colors of the day, the play of light on a countryside or face, Baisch seems swept up in the beauty of his own perception (or rather, his own impression).

The Finishing Touch

Antique sled- Styylish
A unique antique sled – available now on Styylish

Add the finishing touch to your dream rustic cabin with this Antique Sled. It’s a completely wonderful piece – an original 19th-century sled, beautifully worked and theoretically functional.

We don’t recommend using this stunning artifact for sledding. Instead, let it accent your space as an additional surface or stand-alone piece. A flower vase or small stack of books might lend themselves to its seat.

With its elegant, hand-crafted bird’s head, this sled is worth showcasing in your home as a real treasure. It’s a strange sort of antique, both a toy and a relic of a person’s joy – that’s what makes it so beautifully unique.

The Comforting Potential of Rustic Furniture

There is something both grounding and inspiring about rustic furniture. It can take us back to our childhood fantasies of fairytale comfort and yet be surprisingly elegant and even compatible with modern aesthetics.

Designing a room or lodge with rustic home decor can yield a space your whole family will fall in love with. Surrounding yourself with original treasures from the land of fairytales will make the winter chill feel a little less sharp. Check out more products on our site and browse the Styylish catalog for further inspiration.

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