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Creating A Modern Workspace with Antique Home Office Decor

Home office decor- Styylish

It’s no secret that home office decor has become more relevant in the last few years. With more people working from the comfort of home than ever before, it’s essential to find ways to carve out the ideal workspace for oneself.

Designing a home office space using well-integrated design and high-quality treasures from the past and present can be a surefire way to create a better, more focused work environment, even amidst all the distractions home has to offer.

In today’s blog, we want to decorate an imaginary home office using pieces from the Styylish collection. Not only do we want to introduce you to certain pieces, but we also want to exemplify a cross-era design approach. Follow along as we show you how the 18th and 21st century can meet in one space to magical effect.

For more creative decorating guides combining antique and modern pieces, check out other posts on our blog. We have already explored the potential of a cross-era dining room and bedroom design.

Home Office Decor from Past and Present

From a stately desk to an impressive ceiling lamp, we’ll walk you through a unique combination of styles and thereby provide inspiration for unique home office decor.

The Desk

Antique Cylinder Desk- 18th century- styylish
A Louis XVI cylinder desk – available now on Styylish

It all starts with the desk. After all, what would an office space be without a place to do your work. This Louis XVI Cylinder Desk is a stunningly beautiful and functionally impressive 18th century original. Decorated with gorgeous floral veneer patterns and featuring tons of storage space, it’s an exceptional choice for any fan of show-stopping antiques.

There’s nothing dusty about this desk, either. It’s cylinder mechanism is smooth. As you pull out the writing surface, the cylindrical covering automatically lifts to reveal the inner life of this piece. Place a protective mat on the writing surface, especially when placing a laptop on it, to guarantee lasting quality.

The Chair

Armchair Mid-century design- Styylish
A floral, colorful mid-century armchair – available now on Styylish

Desk chairs are particular things. Many people prefer modern, ergonomically-designed creations to support better sitting habits. And if you already have a favorite desk chair, feel free to combine it with an antique desk.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a unique piece to complement the floral patterns in the desk’s veneer, consider something from an unexpected period. This Midcentury Armchair has an upright seatback and is comfortable to sit in. The wood frame plays off the material of the desk nicely.

But the real connection lies in the unique interplay between 18th-century floral veneer design and 20th-century floral expressions. Combine these two pieces for a lively, comfortable, and completely engaging workspace that’s unlike any you’ve seen before.

A Reading Nook

Biedermeier Book Case- styylish
A Biedermeier Bookcase – available now on Styylish

What home office is complete without space for books and a place to enjoy them? Consider this Biedermeier Bookcase as a perfectly neutral, wood-forward artisan piece. It connects beautifully to the walnut veneer on the cylinder desk and has a pair of vitrine doors that allow your favorite book titles to peak out in resplendent variety and color.

Jindrich Halabala Lounge Chair- with white upholstery- styylish
A Halabala armchair – available now on Styylish

And for a place to unwind with your favorite novel, add this elegant Contemporary Halabala Armchair. The white fabric draws the eye with elegance and charm. And the natural wood frame certainly connects to the other pieces in the office space.

Working as a contemporary bridge of periods, the chair offers both the refined texture of wood craftsmanship and the groundbreaking contemporary design that evolved out of the mid-century style. It helps that it does not feel overpowering, instead playing off the natural wood around the space very nicely.


Art Deco Floor Lamp- styylish
An Art Deco floor lamp with a built-in side table -available now on Styylish

Complete your reading nook with this ingeniously designed Art Deco Floor Lamp, which comes with a built-in side table. It’s the perfect pairing to our contemporary armchair, creating vintage connections between the industrial sensibilities of the lamp and the modern design of the chair.

Indeed, the warm wood features of this Art Deco piece connect to the 18th and 19th century objects with ease. But the modern metal features allow the space to feel bright and unstuffy. It takes a certain dexterity of touch to make such individually glamorous time periods feel joyful and tasteful at the same time.

Custom Made Chandelier- styylish
Custom made chandelier Luce, now available on Styylish.

That’s part of the reason why the Pendant Lamp Luce is the ideal finishing touch to our home office decor. It’s rose color plays off the swivel lounge chair and the floral mid-century armchair. Yet it’s more than elegant, certainly featuring a personable whimsy.

The Luce is made of fine copper threat, hand-woven to order by Italian artisans practicing their craft today. As such, the Luce is also the perfect capstone to a room full of artisan pieces. This home office brings together the very finest craftsmanship from nearly 300 years of European tradition.

The Creative Potential of Combining Designs

There is nothing like an office space that breeds creativity. Approaching your home office décor from a place of creative design allows you to conceive of a room that encourages focused, innovative thinking. And after all, what more could you want from a home office?

In this blog, we introduced you to a wide variety of pieces that both reflect the range of pieces and styles on offer in our catalog, and the range of possibilities you have for combining artisan antiques and designer pieces in unique, stimulating ways.

If you feel inspired by some of the pieces chosen for this blog, be sure to check out our catalog. There’s a lot more where that came from. From centuries-old originals to state-of-the-art contemporary European design, Styylish has it all. So, get to work, right from the comfort of your own home.



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