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Antique and Modern Armoires

Biedermeier Wardrobe, South German 1820


Antique Furniture and Decor

Biedermeier Walnut Desk, Vienna 1820

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Antique and Modern Armoires

Biedermeier Armoire, South German 1820

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Antique Furniture and Decor

Biedermeier Sewing table, South German 1820


Interior Inspiration: Biedermeier Style Furniture

Biedermeier Style Furniture

Interior design began with Biedermeier style furniture as demand for comfortable and affordable furnishings for middle-class homes developed.

During the Biedermeier Period (1815 to 1848), the middle class grew prosperous and more secure, and in Germany and Austria, stylistic tastes shifted.

Subdued elegance and charming grace characterize Biedermeier furniture, as it connects elements of the French Empire style and Directoire periods.

And although it’s been centuries since this style emerged, it remains as timeless and versatile as ever.

Biedermeier furniture works well in the modern home as a functional and stylish piece.

While it might be a 19th-century style, it is effortless to incorporate in a contemporary room.

If you’re in the market for Biedermeier furniture or looking for inspiration for pieces you already own, check out the many different ways you can include this style in your home.

Neoclassical Secretaire

Early Biedermeier is a very linear style that simultaneously exemplifies simplicity and elegance. Elements of antiquity, notably the Roman Empire, often inspired this furniture.

In a modern interior, the straight lines of this secretaire connect beautifully to sweeping contemporary designs in the black and white fabric on the antique armchairs.

Additionally, the touch of yellow on the small Biedermeier table and the cushion on the contemporary chair next to the secretaire complete the design and add a fresh character.

Source: Hearst Magazine

This Neoclassical secretaire has a beautiful cherry veneer, nine small drawers, and a central compartment inside. Additionally, a mirror and geometric checkered floor are the special highlights of the small interior compartment.

Likewise, the ebonized details contrast with the warm honey glow of the cherry veneer and underline the refined qualities of this drop front desk.

Neoclassical Secretaire with Drop Front, Switzerland 1810-20 | Available

Dining Chairs

During this period, innovation in seating design exploded as cabinetmakers experimented with many forms. Many of their designs, such as the ones below, are as versatile as they did in the 19th century.

Curved and serpentine, simple lines resembling a lyre add interest and a touch of grace to this minimalist chair design.

The straight lines in the upholstery contrast with the curving chairbacks, but the difference works to create a visually exciting piece of furniture.

Set of four Biedermeier Walnut Chairs- Styylish
Set of four Biedermeier Chairs- Now available on Styylish

Just as the cabinetmakers pushed the boundaries of conventional furniture, you can experiment with various pieces in several ways.

In this example, Austrian Biedermeier style furniture and French Deco come together to create an elegant but eclectic entryway.

Additionally, the antique wood furniture compliment the glossy, glamorous marble floors and contemporary art pieces.

The result is a unique look that brings out the best features in a historic property.


Biedermeier Sofa

This small sofa, or love seat, is made with a pine wood frame adorned with a beautiful walnut veneer with a carved decoration decorating the top of the back of the sofa.

The bold fabric adds additional interest and would look great against a dark-colored wall like the one below.

This sofa is the perfect piece for an entryway or any small space where seating is needed.

Sofa - Biedermeier Sofa Germany 1820-30
Biedermeier sofa, Germany 1820-30 | Available

The simplicity of Biedermeier style furniture means that it works well with nearly any other design.

Here, the sofa pairs handsomely with African, Neoclassic, and French Louis style pieces, and the rich, dark wood matches the grandfather clock and glass cabinet on either side.

At the same time, the deeper shades bring out the dark colors of the fabric in the adjacent armchair.

Altogether, this room is eclectic but still has as a classic, sophisticated atmosphere.

Source: Philip Gorrivan Design

Circular Biedermeier Table

This stunning antique dining table was immensely popular during the 19th century.

Like most antiques, every handcrafted detail of this table contains exceptional quality.

One of this table’s unique features is the wood grain in the beautiful bird’s eye maple veneer.

Likewise, acanthus leaves decorate the column base ending on a triangle-shaped foot base standing on three lion paw feet.

This table easily fits up to eight people, but it would also work well in a spacious entry hall as an eye-catching center table.

Biedermeier table, Berlin, 1820 | Available

Big tables don’t always have to be dining tables!

For example, a large circular Biedermeier table fits perfectly in a large foyer and pairs beautifully with either modern or antique accents.

It acts as an anchor, pulling different elements of the room together so they converge on a central focal point.

Additionally, in neutral interiors, the table’s dark wood forms a warm, naturally elegant appearance.

Source: Margert Dreiling

Chest of Drawers

This Biedermeier chest of drawers has a beautifully mirrored walnut veneer framed by two ebonized columns.

The lines became curved along with the protruding upper drawer and ebonized feet, contrasting with the otherwise straight lines of this magnificent piece.

Biedermeier chest of Drawers- styylish
Biedermeier chest of drawers, South Germany, 1820 | Available

Add a chest of drawers in a hallway or entrance and pair with contemporary accents and pops of color to bring out the wood tones.

A modern metallic lamp complements the metal ornamentation of the chest’s hardware and brings it into the 21st century.

Source: Collins Interiors

Biedermeier Writing Desk

This antique cylinder desk features a bleached mahogany veneer and a leather-covered writing surface.

Three drawers divide the rectangular body, and the inside of the writing top contains a central compartment surrounded by four drawers.

This desk is the perfect piece for a home office or an eye-catching addition to your entrance hall or living room area.

Antique cylinder desk, Munich, 1800-1810 | Available

There’s something about a roll-top desk that gives any space a distinguished appearance.

A bold modern art piece brings out the honey-colored tones in the light wood and creates a striking balance between old and new.

Additionally, incorporating other accessories containing brass elements accentuates the minimalist hardware around the desk as well as the warmth in the wood.

Photo: Roberto Migotto | Source: Vivadecora

Find More Biedermeier Style Furniture from Styylish

Visit the Shop to find your new favorite piece of furniture. We have a wide variety of Biedermeier style furniture, take a look for yourself!

For more Styylish tips and inspiration, check out the Blog.

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